Matthew Bristow




Working in TV & Art Production.



Waverley Art Prize: Artist.

Category - Acrylic. Title of selected work. 'Somewhere'.

With or Without You: Writer

Stageplay: Romantic drama. 'Dont take love for granted, love is more important than success'

The Orchard & the Cactus: Writer.

Poem. The unforseen love of two plants on a shelf in my bathroom.



With or Without You: Writer

Screenplay: Feature. Romantic drama. 'Dont take love for granted, love is more important than success'

Rafe's Life: Writer.

12 short stories of the wonderful life of a popular, talented and charismatic Boston Terrier.

Graphic Design: Waverley Art Prize and FOAC (Found Objects Artist Co-operative)



Graphic Design: Waverley Art Prize.

Commenced new series of art works, print making and aquarelles.



Million Dollar Mate: Consulting Producer.

90 Min. Romantic Comedy. An Australian born Maori is an aspiring rap artist who wins lotto and travels to New Zealand to write a hit song. On his journey he rediscovers his cultural identity and finds love.



Shillington College: Graphic Design.

Completed a Certificate IV in Design.  



The Backpacker: Associate Producer.

94 min. feature Thriller. Returned soldier travelling with a fellow backpacker are kidnapped by a serial killer stalking the roads of Northern NSW.  



Noir Drive: Produced a 17 min. film noir shot on Super 16mm for the film festival circuit.

Private Eye homage to film noir of 1940’s e.g. Big Sleep & Double Indemnity.

Noir Drive premiered 2008 at LA Shorts in Hollywood.

Awarded APRA 2008 for Best Composer in Short Film.



Reflections of Anguish: Pencil drawings on paper.



Touched by Fellini: Production Manager 30 min. HDV. Story of lost love.

The Spirit of Adventure. 90min. DVD. A father and son travel to Kenya and Tanzania in Africa on safari. A film with my father.



Seeds Sown in Hard Soil: Series of oil paintings depicting flowers grown in harsh environments.



Future is Bright: First solo art exhibition and premiere of XAFRIKA.

The Piece and the Quiet: Co-writer Feature screenplay.  

Film Noir. Detective framed for triple murder set at a circus.



XAFRIKA: 30 min Betacam SP. Independently financed film.

Selected as a finalist in the 18th Annual A.T.O.M. Awards 2000 in the category of ‘Creative/Innovative Production’.



Bristow Films Pty Ltd incorporated as a company.

Finance services provided to television and media production companies inc. drama's 'Home & Away and'All Saints' .  

Thought Police are Watching:  Short film selected as a finalist in the 10th Melbourne Super 8 Film Festival. Newtown Film Festival in 2006.

Matthew Bristow Biography

Photo by Atim