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Matthew Bristow Art 2

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As an artist I consider myself an expressionist.


With abstract art, I favour bright colours to lighten one's disposition but as a film maker and storyteller I have an appreciation for symbolic contrast and dark subject matter, and yet as a poet, a love of spiritual romanticism.


Click on an image below to view a larger version of each of Matthew's art; price is on application with further details on media and dimensions to be added soon.

...bright colours to lighten one's disposition...  

Artwork Detail: 'Two Can Love' by Matthew Bristow ©

Matthew Bristow Art 2

Matthew Bristow Art:



1)   Two Can Love



2)   Clown in London



3)   Evolution Baby



4)   Flower Under The Cross



5)   Flowers Without Light



6)   Guitar Man



7)   Private Eye



8)   The Hitcher



9)   The Winner Is Sydney



10)  Somewhere



11) Whisky Priest



12) Reflection



 © Matthew Bristow

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